Is this for me?


"I shoot film because ____________."

At some point in your life as a film photographer, no matter your experience level, you will probably be asked to explain yourself: "Why?" Why use this old format when technology has opened up to "better" and "cleaner" avenues for image capture?

The answer can be simple: because you want to. But it's also probably way more complex than that. Underneath that gut-level desire to work with film, there's some potentially inexplicable thing that triggers in your brain when you load a roll in for a day trip, or when you're taking stock of what you have on-hand for the weekend's wedding, or when that supremely satisfying "ker-CHUNK" resonates through your hands and ears with that first frame of the day.

So— is it for fun? Is film a tentpole feature of what you offer as a wedding or portrait photographer? Are you beginning to just sort of nip at the edges of what film allows you to play with? Is film such a part of how you express what you see that you never switched to digital? Or do you complement your digital work with film to try and deliver the best of both worlds?

The Long Live Film Workshop is for you.

What we're striving for at the Long Live Film Workshop is a space that welcomes you, the long-time no-holds-barred film shooter who needs a boost or new inspiration. A space that welcomes you, the newcomer who is beginning to grasp the relationships between film, light, and the mechanics of your camera. A space that welcomes you, the hybrid shooter who works constantly to find a solid balance between digital and film.

So let's get down to brass tacks. What will you find at the Long Live Film Workshop that you won't find anywhere else?

-The chance to hang with and learn from the top artists working in film today. We’re talkin’ Elizabeth Messina, Ryan Muirhead, Ryan Ray, Joel Serrato, Tec Petaja, Benj Haisch, Yan Palmer, and that’s not all... I mean, WHOA. You can find a full listing of our amazing speakers by clicking here.

-Not only will there be live shoots where you can watch the pros at work but also styled model shoots led by more even more badass film shooters.

- Discussions on both the creative and the business sides of shooting in today's market

- Fireside chats will give you a chance to relax, roast marshmallows and have informal discussions with film pros and beginners alike.

- A "make your own syllabus" environment with a week that is packed full of learning opportunities but not so overstuffed that you can't explore on your own

Check out our FAQ section for the basics, but if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you’re asking yourself, “Is LONG LIVE FILM for me?” the answer is, “Hell Yes!” Come on down to Alabama, we can’t wait to meet you!

Space is limited, and we want to make sure you claim your spot as quickly as possible!