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Double Exposure Photo Walk with Eric James Leffler

Interested in learning more about shooting double exposures on film (or digital)? This is for you! Led by Eric Leffler (@ej.leff), learn how Eric creates his double exposures from start to finish. In addition to learning how to load your film properly and how to expose each frame correctly, we also discuss how to look at a scene or subject and recognize how light, shadows, color, textures and shapes play their part.

Ultimately, the goal will be to learn how to better pre-visualize and execute your visions moving forward as well as embrace the surprises and happy accidents that can happen along the way. You will have the opportunity to see dozens of examples, the good and the bad, with explanations on how they were made, lighting conditions, challenges to look out for, mistakes to avoid, and more. This class is aimed at enhancing your knowledge, honing your vision, and inspiring your creativity for making some beautiful and unique double exposures.